5 Things Successful People Avoid when Setting Goals

5 Things Successful People Avoid when Setting Goals

To make sure we succeed in life we need to model successful people in order to get the success habits that they have. In this video I share with 5 things that successful people avoid when setting goals. If you avoid these things I promise you that you will be much more efficient and successful when setting your goals.

The number one thing to avoid is not writing your goals down. If you don’t write down your goals you are planning to fail. This is because you don’t have any direction of where you want to take yourself to. You might have it in your mind but if you don’t put it on paper you are going to get lost.

The second to avoid is not making your goal specific. You must make a specific goal so you make sure you know what you want and how to get it. If the goal is too broad you are going to have a difficulty to achieve it.

The third thing to avoid is not setting deadlines. This is really important because if you don’t set deadlines that is not a goal. Goals must be time bound in order for you to know when you must reach that destination. This will put pressure on you and also gives you the motivation to work hard to get to it.

The fourth thing to avoid is not reviewing your goals. You must review your goals consistently in order to know your progress and also keep yourself on track. If you don’t review your goals you are eventually going to get lost. So make it one of your habits to review your goals.

The fifth and final thing to avoid is setting other people’s goals. This is where lots of people make a mistake. If you set other people’s goals you are most likely going to get disappointed because you don’t have control over the other people. If on the other hand they comply and commit it to it then it’s okay to discuss with them and set goals but otherwise don’t.

These are the 5 things successful people avoid when setting goals. Make sure you use them when setting your goals in order to higher you success rate when setting and crushing your goals. 🙂

Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation!

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