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Nigel Azzopardi Coach
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  • Powerful Business Mindsets

Nigel Azzopardi is an experienced Business & Performance Coach who assists people in attaining the lives they have always dreamed of. With vast experience in managing people, I have always strived to bring out the best in those I have worked with and have always been fascinated by how people related to one another. This, coupled with my inherent love for people and business, inspired me to become a results-driven Coach.

We get a clear understanding of where you are now in your business and where you want to be ultimately.

By determining your current business/life challenges and the obstacles standing in your way, I can help you to set goals and an action plan so that you can transform your life into what you have always dreamed it to be. I derive great satisfaction by giving others the tools to take their lives to the next level and to find the inner confidence and talents they have always possessed.

I believe strongly in honesty, respect and helping others to reach their dreams and become successful. I can be the bridge from where you are now and that amazing vision you have always wanted to achieve.

Continuous professional improvement is exceptionally important to me and, to this end, I read at least one book per week on personal development and business in order to expand my knowledge and to provide my clients with the best possible service.

So, if you would like me to accompany you on your journey towards increased business & personal growth, why not contact me for a free consultation?


Working with Nigel has helped me to significantly grow my business by more than 40%. He helped me do this by focusing on the right things in my business, that were going to make the biggest difference. He also provided me with tools to understand better my business and myself. With these tools, I was able to put away the things that weren’t moving me forward and was wasting too much time on. Week after week I was feeling more focused and being productive more than ever. This gave me the ability to have more free time thus having more time for my hobbies and family. He helped me take back control of my business and my life. You should definitely give Nigel a try, I’ m sure he’ll make a difference for you as well. Thanks Nigel

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Lui Pevny
CEO/Founder, Siberia Yacht Charters Ltd.

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