How to be more Confident?

How to be more Confident? 5 Proven Steps for Absolute Confidence!

How do you become more confident? I’m going to share with you five simple steps that if you put them in your daily routine, I promise you, you’re going to become that confident person that you truly desire.

The first step is awareness.

 Awareness is knowing where you are currently in your life. Ask yourself: “What is it that I’m doing that’s getting me these results?” By actually asking yourself and knowing where you currently are, you’re actually figuring out what you’re doing that’s not getting you the results that you want. So start by figuring out first what you’re not doing and then start figuring out what you need to do to get those results. This is really simple, right? Okay, so once you decide what you need to do, make a plan. Ask yourself: “How do I want to see myself in six months time?”. And actually visualize that confident person, that successful person or whatever you need whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Then go forward in time in six months time and ask yourself again: “What is it that I’m doing that got me these results?” And by asking that question you’re figuring it out and you are seeing the timeline of where you started and what you actually implemented to become that person. That’s quite easy to do and also it gives you a roadmap of what you need to become.

Step two is consistency.

This continues from step one. So consistency is taking consistent action on the road map that you’ve built or you’ve created. Start and take action every day. For example, if you lack skills in relationships put that in your diary. And every day start working on it,  go out there and get the social skills that you need, go speak to random people and be consistent in doing this. If you are consistent and taking consistent action you find yourself you’re becoming more confident. Because when you have control over the situation and you’re working towards that situation, you’ll start to feel yourself more confident. So that’s step number two.

The third step is decide.

Decide that you want to become confident. Human beings have the power of deciding, not like any other animal. We can decide how we spend the day, who we spend it with and where we spend it. So by having these choices you can decide that you need to become confident and decide. Say “I’m going to be confident now”. There’s no one holding you back, or no other reason that you can’t be confident now. You have all the resources inside of you and by deciding you can decide to be happy for instant or you can decide to be sad. Emotions come through decision, so if you set your intention right and decide that you’re going to become confident, you’ll find yourself that you are becoming more confident, happy and joyous in life.

The fourth step is positivity.

You need to surround yourself with positive people. If you surround yourself with positive people you’re going to find yourself that you are growing and growing in confidence. Because positive people will encourage you to do more and encourage you to be better in life rather than the opposite when you surround with negative people.

If you surround yourself with negative people how do you become? You become negative and you become unconfident. For example, if you’re surrounding yourself with unconfident people, you find yourself that you’re always unconfident and complaining. This is because your social group is negative and complaining all the time.

I’m not saying ditch those people but limit time with those people and explain to them. I’m trying to become this person so please don’t complain next to me. I’m trying to be this person, I can’t reach the type of person by complaining. And go find that social positive group and confident group that’s going to make you like them and help you become that confident person.

The fifth and final step is face your fears.

And no, I don’t mean go jump off a cliff or go do something crazy that’s going to get your hurt. What I mean is do something that you don’t do normally. For example, if you’re at home all day long working on your laptop, go out and socialize with people.

Go out and attend a public speaking class. This can be really nerve-wracking at first, but once you master the skill you can become really, really confident because it helps you explore all aspects of life.

You can also go to an improvisation class. This is also really good for making yourself feel more confident because it gets you that interaction with people you don’t know and it’s always something new, something fun and active that you don’t normally do everyday. For example last time at my improv class we were staring at each other eyes for like 3-4 minutes. At first it’s weird, but then once you start tuning in to the other person you find it really fun.

If you want to build greater relationships with women,  go out speak to random women go and say “hello, how are you?” and see where the conversation takes you. You can get rejected yeah, but that’s when you are going to become more confident. By getting rejected you’re going to learn new things, you’re going to learn new skills and you’re going to learn more about yourself. So go out there and face your fears every day. If you can even for half an hour, try to do it part of your routine for you to become more confident. And trust me, if you do these things you can become really, really confident and you’re going to be surprised at yourself and say “well, why didn’t I do this before”.

“Trust the Process!”

So these are the five simple steps, but very effective that’s going to take you on your journey to becoming confident. Practice them every day and also put them in your diary so you remember. And trust the process, at first it’s going to be a  bit hard, but once you get the wheel spinning you’re gonna find it really easy and you find yourself that you don’t want to stop doing this because the more you do them, the more confident you’re going to feel. 🙂

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