How To Be More Productive At Work

Hi everyone, Nigel here.

So chances are you landed on this video because you want to become more productive at work and that’s what I’m gonna be sharing with you today.

I’m gonna be sharing with you how to become more productive at work.

And in order to do this, because you want to become more successful at what you do you want to achieve greater results and ultimately you want to make more money in order to help your family survive, help your family get the things that they need and also maybe had friends and also maybe contribute to your community.

So if that resonates with you make sure you stay tuned to the end in order to increase exponentially your productivity and achieve greater results in your everyday life and in your business.

What I’m gonna be sharing with you today is things I implement in my everyday life that helps me achieve more results helps me achieve my goals and helps me get the most out of my time.

Right? That’s the most important thing because if we get the most out of our time it helps us do other things it helps us focus also on our hobbies have such fall so focus on our family.

So the first thing that you need to do in order to be more productive at work is to set goals.

In every day each morning when you go to work or before you go to work you need to write down your goals on what you need to achieve for the day.

Because if you don’t write your goals you’re not gonna know what you need to achieve.

If you’re gonna keep everything in your mind and you might get lost, right? And also you’re not gonna be able to prioritize and what’s the most important thing.

So if you know how to do this all in your mind well done but I’m still sure that sometimes you’re gonna have some setbacks by doing that.

So most importantly is set fifteen minutes each morning or even at least five minutes and write all your goals down and obviously brainstorm all your goals that you need to achieve for that day.

Once you do that make sure you rank them in order for which and ask yourself which of these goals are gonna get me the most results.

Which are the most goals which ultimately are gonna benefit the long-term goal, right? Where you want to get to so if you do that your focus is gonna be only the biggest priority that you need to achieve because if you achieve the biggest priority it’s gonna get you the most results it’s like the 80-20 rule.

If you don’t know about it make sure you google it and learn more about this rule.

Basically is you focus 20% on what gonna get you the 80% of the results rather than focus on the other flap which not gonna generate any results.

So first thing in the morning when you wake up or before you go to work or when you get to work wherever you work from make sure you write your goals and make sure you write your priorities for the day, in order to achieve the things that’s gonna generate the most results.

That’s the first thing you need to do.

The second thing you need to do is make sure that the environment you’re working in is setting you have for success right so if you go in the desk that’s all cluttered and all full of stuff full of books that you don’t need, it’s gonna distract you.

Because you’re gonna look at some magazines maybe that you might have you’re gonna go on things that are gonna distract you from achieving your full potential.

And also on your computer or on your netbook if on your desktop you have icons that you don’t need maybe your internet is open on tabs that you don’t need maybe sports whatever that might be that’s gonna distract you from achieving your full potential.

I heard you to close them all down in order so you diminish the distraction that you might face, right? If we clean our environment if we clean the desktop the table we’re working from the room we’re working from, obviously it’s gonna higher chances that we’ll be more productive.

It’s common sense right but sometimes it’s not always common practice.

So make sure you clean your environment make sure you clean your desktop, you clean your internet tabs, if you have to work from the internet and clean everything that you know that might just distract you.

Anything that might be so if you work from always from home and things around the house your dog or whatever might distract you.

Make sure you lock him in a room, no I’m joking.

But make sure you go into a room where nothing can distract you because if you’re gonna keep getting distracted you know what’s gonna happen.

You’re not gonna be productive as much as you would like to be and then you’re gonna be regretted and not achieve the results that you’re gonna want to achieve in the future.

So second thing is the environment.

The third thing is to make sure you time chunk your time right.

If you don’t know how to do this I have a video more in-depth about this make sure you’re going it I’m gonna attach it somewhere up here.

But basically time chunk is finding sets of times and on only for the time you prioritize on the tasks that you need to add and you set up a timer and only work for that for the trace of time on the task.

So if for example, you need to write a blog post, right? So let’s say that most important prioritizing things that you have to do for the day that’s gonna generate you the most results.

So you set your time between 15 minutes and an hour and you make a timer on your phone or whatever that might be and run the timer.

Only for that one hour you’re gonna focus on writing that blog post and nothing else can distract you right you switch off your phone switch off everything switch off any notifications that you have and make sure that only for about that one hour you focus on writing that blog post.

As soon as that one hour finished make sure you take a break and restart the time chunk for another hour.

So that’s really important if you need to know more about this as I said before make sure you go up on the link up here and it’s some more in detail it gives you better steps to follow in order to master time chunking.

The fourth thing is related to time chunking, it’s taking plenty of breaks.

So every after every time chunk if you are gonna implement time chunking in your timetable, make sure you take plenty of breaks.

5 minutes break in order to replenish our body and our mind to get the energy back in order.

To be more focused and the following goes that we’re going to accomplish and also helps us be more productive, right? Because by being more focused you cannot be more productive you’re gonna achieve better results.

It’s if you think about it just makes really good sense and if you implement it you cannot find out for yourself that if you do it you cannot see the results for yourself.

I promise you that you’re gonna get double the efficiency that you’re gonna get if you take more breaks.

Because by taking more breaks you get more energy and you’re not gonna linger when you when you are distracted when you lose focus, sometimes when you lose focus you tend to go and read something that does that’s not related to work or something like that or maybe you go make a drink.

But if you use time chunking if you have everything ready by your table you have a glass of water and you have your timer for that time you’re not gonna waste your time or go do anything else.

And that will hold you accountable for that one hour, right? To achieve all the results that you need to achieve and after by taking the break.

If you’re gonna give your body and your mind to take a break and get your energy back so you get your energy and you’re ready for the next time chunk.

So that’s step number four.

The fifth step that I’m gonna be sharing with you today is to check your email after lunchtime and why is this important?

Because if you check your email first thing in the morning you’re giving attention to other things you’re gonna have tension to other people and you’re not gonna be prioritizing on your own stuff.

So some there are some exceptions of course if you were a person that you have just a need to redeem is you’re gonna have to read them.

But if your work is not related to email, it’s gonna be related in some way but what I mean is if your productivity or the goals that you can accomplish are not related to those emails, make sure that you check them at lunchtime.

Because the morning is the most productive hours that we have.

So if you let those hours be taken from you by giving attention to someone, else two other similar to calls or whatever that might be, you’re gonna lose the most precious time in the morning to be productive.

So that’s why this is important it’s important to schedule time after lunch, schedule an hour and check your emails due cause that you have to do and give yourself an hour right and if you finish before that hour let’s say you finish after half an hour.

If you are really productive and finish after half an hour, give another half an hour break to yourself.

As a reward for finishing early on your image so you don’t linger on your image you just go through them quickly and email them of this day with good quality but make sure you go through them quickly because you don’t need to waste so much time on others beat retention because what they’re gonna do is some, some, most of the emails are gonna be promotional anyway.

Email them back with quality because there are other people on the other side but when you finish make sure you reward yourself if you finish early and go do something for half an hour, so that you get your energy back, so those were the five steps that if you implement in your daily life you’re gonna become much much more productive and also achieve greater results in life which we all do right? So as a gift for staying tuned I’m gonna be sharing with you goal setting worksheet that I use myself.

I’m gonna attach it into the description box down below.

Make sure you make use of it in order to help you set more powerful goals and also help you said bulletproof goals that you are able to achieve them.

Also by accessing the goal setting worksheet, I’m gonna be releasing an advanced go setting video training that I’m gonna be sending only to the people who access that goal setting worksheet.

So make sure you access it in order to avoid missing out on this great training that I’m gonna be sharing with you.

So to recap on all of what we’ve done today the first step was to set goals in the morning it’s important to help you stay focused on the priorities that you have.

The second is your environment to diminish distractions the third is to time chunk time in order to stay focus for the freeze of time and achieve much much more.

The fourth is taking lots of breaks in order to let your body and mine replenish and also have more energy for the following tasks.

And the fifth one is to check your email after your lunchtime in order to diminish distractions from other people, right? So this video has brought value to you it’s a no-brainer right share it with your friends and loved ones so they also learned these powerful techniques.

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So that’s all for today, thanks for watching.

I will see you in the next video.


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