Working with Nigel has helped me to significantly grow my business by more than 40%. He helped me do this by focusing on the right things in my business, that were going to make the biggest difference. He also provided me with tools to understand better my business and myself. With these tools, I was able to put away the things that weren’t moving me forward and was wasting too much time on. Week after week I was feeling more focused and being productive more than ever. This gave me the ability to have more free time thus having more time for my hobbies and family. He helped me take back control of my business and my life. You should definitely give Nigel a try, I’ m sure he’ll make a difference for you as well. Thanks Nigel

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Lui Pevny
CEO/Founder, Siberia Yacht Charters Ltd.

I decided to go to Nigel for coaching around setting up my own business as a Personal Performance Coach. I have been very pleased with the sessions I have had with Nigel because I have felt that I have been really making lots and lots of progress. In fact, I have been amazed at how productive I am actually able to be! I have always considered myself terrible at time management, for example, but as a result of coaching sessions on a regular basis and over a period of some months I feel that I am achieving excellent results in setting up my own business. Setting up a business is not something to be taken lightly. It is hugely time-consuming and requires dedication. But with Nigel’s help, I have been able to break down the overall goal of setting up the business into more manageable tasks that, when at a certain point I looked back, mount up to be some really solid work done. What I might easily have considered a chore has been fun and satisfying and has given me a huge sense of achievement and helped me to believe in my own ability to be successful.

Testimonial Coach
Lara Statham
Personal Performance Coach

As a results of having Nigel as my coach, I have improved my I.T. skills, gained greater self-confidence, improved personal relationships, progressed with my own studies further and faster than I would have on my own and most importantly, I have raised my own self-awareness, become better at focusing on my strengths whilst improving my ‘weaknesses’. I am now able to deal with my physical problems better (back injury) and don’t let this issue hold me back as much as before the coaching. Nigel is a fantastic coach and has helped me change my life.

Jennie Maloney
Coach Trainee

Nigel has always been supportive and helpful. There have been times when I have come to the session with a very unclear idea of where I want to go and what I want to achieve, and yet by the end, everything is so clear. Nigel has helped me stay positive and refocussed on what I want to achieve. As someone who is rather disorganised and not good at following through on action points, he has helped me consider different ideas and possibilities and become much more enthusiastic about taking action.

Natalie Williams

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